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Sarah Palin Criticism Continues From All Sides

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What the pundits tell us is that Sarah Palin was the inexperienced Governor of a state that doesn’t matter. Whether you are a republican or a democrat…one thing you can’t say is that she doesn’t matter…. because she obviously does…. More scrutiny has never been heaped on a losing candidate for Vice President in the history of our country. Her children..all of them…including her youngest infant has been ridiculed, harassed and embarrassed by mainstream media; highly visible and "credible" bloggers; talk show hosts; democrats; republicans; and the list goes on and on.

Why all of this attention on a mother of 5 children with no relevant political experience. Do we forget that she was on the losing side of a national election. Didn’t she just seal her fate by resigning as Governor of Alaska with over a year left in office. Isn’t it true that she will never be able to shake the fact that she is not only stupid; doesn’t read or is incapable of reading; shamefully spent RNC money on clothes she didn’t deserve;  is poor and therefore must be ignorant; proves her hatred of gay people by following President Obama’s lead in refusing to support their right to marriage; kills innocent animals from helicopters; lies about being pregnant when it is obvious to every 911truth member that it wasn’t possible; decided to have a "retarded child" instead of opting to spare the child, her family and the world of such a monster; decided to run for office after learning of her 17 year olds pregnancy and then refusing to do the responsible thing and take her child for an abortion; had the audacity…the nerve to parade her family around at the RNC and other political functions; isn’t hip to rape jokes about her 14 year old daughter…after all it was just a joke..come on Sarah..get with the times and is prettier than most liberal women…which might be her biggest mistake of all….. is not enough because the only true way to prove she doesn’t matter is to destroy her and her family by any means necessary. Rape jokes, desecrate the image of her infant, revile her 18 year old for having the audacity to support abstinence when she obviously failed at that task. Destroy Todd for being a common and decent man…instead of a something noble like a lawyer.

If the detractors want to destroy Sarah Palin they better finish the job. Because the truth is that she is getting more powerful everyday. More people are seeing how unfair these attacks are and these people are not involved in the political process. They are not the ones at rallies and are not the ones on talk shows. They are the unseen and normally unheard from voters…and they may just take off of work and vote for the first time in years…or even a lifetime if Palin decides to run for office again. Now it all makes sense……. at least to me.

NY Times – Seemingly relentless string of professional, personal woes led to decision

LA TIMES: Quitter, joke, train wreck…

The Huffington Post Supports Blogger For Distorting The Face of Trig…her youngest child

McCain Aides Attack Sarah Palin

PEGGY NOONAN – Palin was bad for the Republicans—and the republic.


Written by Glen Pridgen

July 13, 2009 at 5:13 pm

Posted in Sarah Palin

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