Fools the the left and jokers to the right!

The Best News Bloopers on YouTube Part 1.

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Pretty Funny Stuff!

Asking a priest if he can get it up
I am getting my balls confused
I will do it tonight with Kristina on sports
Nice Pussy
I’ve got a hard one for you jane
OUCH. Chris falls down
Breaking a one of a kind artifact
Do you need a canoe in ankle deep water
awwwww ghhhghhghhh ohhhhh ewwwww cant breath ewww qhha gurggle gurggle cant breathe
Can’t stop laughing at the funny voice
Watch out for the falling props
I am going to puke… Sorry… Gross
Mike Register???????
Rooker is an idiot
Watch out for the idiot lady
Is wrestling real…….. apparently it is
Let me talk Carol!!!!!
The amazing horse elephant!
Idiot stabs himself with a broken sword.


Written by Glen Pridgen

March 14, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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